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Ambulance Service in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Family Owned & Operated With Over 70 Years of Community Service

When a crisis arises, there are many things you have to think about. From worrying about the safety of everyone involved to figuring out transportation to the hospital, the stress during emergencies is inevitable. The team at United Emergency Medical Response is always there to help ease that stress by providing the best ambulance and emergency service in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

We proudly serve as the exclusive 911 ambulance provider for the townships of Grand Rapids, Grant, Sigel, Seneca, Town of Rudolph and Village of Rudolph. We quickly respond to all calls and arrive on the scene in a timely manner. As the 911 provider, we offer on the scene first aid assistance. If the situation is more critical, we quickly will transport you to a nearby hospital.

You can trust our team of professionals. Our staff ranges anywhere from a basic EMT to Critical Care Paramedics who have certifications in all medical areas. All of our on-duty officers are ready to answer any questions you may have and quickly assess any emergency you may have. Along with being the go-to ambulance service, we also give back to our community. We provide standby at special events and provide educative courses to help keep our community as safe as can be.

United Emergency Medical Response is an ambulance provider you can trust. Call us at (715) 423-7777 so we can help when you need it most.



With over 70 years in the industry, United Emergency Medical Response is ready to handle any emergency situation. Our team of professionals is certified and licensed to take care of you and your family.

Ambulance Service

As a 911 provider, our ambulance services are always ready. No matter the time of day, we will quickly come to you to address the emergency and provide medical assistance on the scene.

Critical Care Transport

If a critical crisis occurs, we will take care of you. We will transport you to a nearby hospital quickly and efficiently to get you the medical attention that you need.